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    Nancy Kirkup (Thursday, 09 March 2023 15:00)

    Stunning, of course!!

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    Dennis Parrish (Thursday, 30 March 2023 11:12)

    Once upon a time I thought I was a skilled artist. I created a website, started social media accounts, and waited for the commissions to pour in. Then I stumbled upon Marcel. How quickly I learned that while I may have been a talented illustrator, I was far from a skilled artist like the ones whose works I have long admired. It suddenly made sense why my closets were full of unfinished painting and blank canvas. Becoming a student to the Master was the most important leap I’ve ever taken in the art world. A stern taskmaster? Yes! A perfectionist? Yes! A knowledgeable and talented teacher? There is no doubt! I often wished I had been able to attend a art school steeped in old world techniques and I found it through the most unlikely of places. I’ve been a professional illustrator for over 29 years. I’ve tried my hand at traditional oil painting for about 10 years now. And only now have I created a piece I can actually say I like! I’m still not sure it’s done (I haven’t signed it just yet!) but I am finally pleased with my work! And while he is stern, Marcel can also be a barrel of laughs as well. So I’m not sure I’m an artist yet, but I’m enjoying the journey.